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Paul Sanford Jewelers LLC,92 w. Main St. Somerville,now carries the DavinChi Cut™ Collection, an exceptional new color gemstone cut from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist.
The DavinChi Cut is a patent-pending gemstone cut and setting that absorbs the colors, light and hues of its surroundings. The collection, created with Galatea DavinChi-cut amethyst, blue or white topaz, citrine or diamonds, includes pendants, rings and earrings set in 14K white and yellow gold.
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Galatea pendant featuring DavinChi™ Cut blue topaz and diamonds. Setting is 14k white gold.

The gemstone design was created with assistance of the California Institute of Technology. Chi Huynh, the creator of the cut and the founder of Galatea—Jewelry by Artist, was initially inspired by the colored created in a rainbow and sought the help of an optical engineer from Cal Tech to design the cut. The Galatea DavinChi Cut, which is currently pending U.S. patent approval, features a faceted crown cut to specifications that allow light to pass through the gem and not reflect against a faceted pavilion. The setting also holds two small emeralds and two rubies, whose colors are reflected and refracted in the gem. “When you view a piece of jewelry containing a DavinChi cut gem, the stone changes color from each viewing angle,” says Huynh. “It’s a tedious process to cut the gemstones, since one facet cut in a wrong angle can result in the color not being projected correctly.”
Huynh’s collection of jewelry “firsts” include the Galatea Pearl™ (a pearl enucleated with a gemstone bead and carved to reveal the gemstone beneath); Diamond in a Pearl™ (a pearl adapted to hold a diamond setting); Galatea Sculpted and Expression™ Pearls (South Sea pearls hand-carved to perfection). He has become a jewelry industry leader, continually working to revolutionize the basic materials used to create fine jewelry.

About Paul Sanford Jewelers LLC: Paul Sanford jewelers is a full service jewelry store specializing in custom made jewelry, our retail jewelry store carries a complete line of bridal and special occasion jewelry. It is located at 92 W. Main St Somerville, N.J. 08876.

About Galatea: Chi Huynh is the founder and creative force behind Galatea of San Dimas, California. A painter, poet and humanitarian, Huynh founded the company in 1994. He learned the jewelry trade by apprenticing for his father, one of Viet Nam’s most respected jewelers. Today, Galatea manufactures both in the U.S. and Viet Nam and sells to approximately 1500 retail jewelers throughout the United States. The company also has distribution in both Europe and Asia. For additional information about Galatea and the Galatea Pearl collections, please visit the website at Please contact Barbara Moss at 862-596-8000 or by email at for interviews with Chi Huynh or for additional high-resolution images.

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